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Young Cricketer CDR

Chris Corsano - The Young Cricketer (hot cars warp records, 2006) CDR  ---->  $9  or digital download for $8

First solo release. Later reissued on vinyl by Family Vineyard. 40 minutes of all-acoustic drums, percussion, reeds, homemade instruments, etc. Recorded & released February 2006. The vinyl reissue on Family Vineyard from 2008 is out of print.
"How should you pick up the ball and throw it?"

Blood Pressure CDR Chris Corsano - Blood Pressure (hot cars warp records, 2006) CDR  ---->  $9 or digital download for $8

Second solo release. 33 minutes, 11 tracks of solo cheap keyboard & vocal stuff. No drums. Recorded Apr. '06. 
"Systolic (edited version)"
Another Dull Dawn LP Chris Corsano - Another Dull Dawn (Ultra Eczema, 2009) LP  ---->  out of print / digital download for $8

Third solo record, recorded mostly in March 2008. Drums, percussion, baritone sax mouthpiece on a two foot metal pipe, violin strings, banjo and violin bridges, contact mics, effect pedals, claw bell, metal strips from windshield wipers, toy comb, clarinet, toy gamelan, guitar cable, gongs, triangle, nylon guitar strings, amp, melodica, pot lids, etc. Dennis Tyfus did the artwork which is impossible to do justice to on a computer screen. Tyfus says he slept outside my house for weeks in a tent to get me to agree to do this record. Don't believe him. It was a cardboard box, not a tent. Edition of 400.
"Another Dull Dawn"
High and Dry CDR Chris Corsano Band - High and Dry (hot cars warp records, 2010) CDR  ----> out of print /  digital download for $7

First recordings by the Chris Corsano Band. 28 minutes of guitar-bass-drum trio music.
Cut CD Chris Corsano - Cut (hot cars warp records, 2012) CD  ---->  $11 or digital download for $8

Solo recordings mostly from 2012. All acoustic/no overdubs, musically along the lines of The Young Cricketer-- drum set augmented by various re-purposed metal objects, modified reed instruments and bowed strings stretched across drums. 43 minutes/19 tracks.
Video footage from the recording of Cut
FLAHERTY & CO. on Vinyl:

[scene missing]


Various Artists - Qbicio U-Nite in Bruxelles II (Qbico, 2005) 2LP  ---->  $25

Alan Silva (solo) & Lauhkeat Lampaat each have a track on side 1. Vibracathedral Orchestra take sides 2 and 3. Side 4 is an unruly collaboration by Vibra, Lauhkeat and Flaherty-Corsano. Recorded live @ Cinema Nova, Brussels on April 8, 2004. Colored vinyl.

Cover of Slow Blind Avalanche LP Paul Flaherty-Chris Corsano-C. Spencer Yeh - Slow Blind Avalanche LP (Important, 2006)  ==>  black vinyl  ---->   $25  /  white vinyl  ----> $30

Vinyl only release, limited to 1000 copies with the first 200 on white vinyl. Recorded during a Hartford snowstorm in December 2004 at the same session as A Rock In The Snow (but totally different cuts than that CD). Artwork by C. Spencer Yeh. Liner notes by John Olson.
Cover of Blank Check LP

Wally Shoup-Chris Corsano-Paul Flaherty - Blank Check (Tyyfus, 2007) LP  ---->  $25

The Finnish half of the 2nd twin-release of the Tyyfus and Records labels. The first time around was the Flaherty-Corsano Last Eyes/Steel Sleet LPs. This time out it's recordings from a live set of the Wally Shoup, Corsano & Flaherty trio at Gallery 1412 in Seattle, WA in October 2005.

Cover of Bounced Check LP Wally Shoup-Chris Corsano-Paul Flaherty - Bounced Check (Records, 2007) LP  ---->  $20

The Records half of the Blank/Bounced Check sister releases. Recorded live in concert at Gallery 1412 in Seattle, WA on October 16th, 2005.
Cover of Flaherty Corsano Yeh 7inch Paul Flaherty-Chris Corsano-C. Spencer Yeh / Oren Ambarchi -  (Krayon Recordings, 2010) split 7"  ----> $8

Live track from December 2006, recorded at the London School of Economics by Pete Coward. Split with Oren Ambarchi with drumming from Matt Skitz Sanders. Art by Paul Coors.
Star-Spangled Voltage LP Mette Rasmussen-Paul Flaherty-Chris Corsano - Star-Spangled Voltage (hot cars warp, 2016) LP  ---->  $20 or digital download for $8

First (and so far only) meeting of this trio. Alto-meets-alto/tenor-meets-drums. Recorded in New Haven, CT, June 2014.
live video from the recording
these Bill Nace-Chris Corsano-Paul Flaherty - These (Open Mouth, 2017) LP  ---->  $22

Studio recording from December 2015. First trio recording, despite these three playing together in different combinations for years and years. Word has it that Corsano, hopped up on nothing but the music and Cheez-Its, got pulled over by a NY State trooper while doing 90 on his way back home from the studio.
The Dull Blade LP Steve Baczkowski-Chris Corsano-Paul Flaherty - The Dull Blade (Feeding Tube, 2017) LP  ---->  $20

Follow up to their only other trio recording, the The Dim Bulb CD released in 2005. " Double sax and drum attack. "Buckets of wind and clumps of tubs “all double twisted up,” as Fred Blassie used to say." - Byron Coley. Edition of 400.
"Payments in Person Will No Longer Be Accepted or Tolerated"
Hated Music 2LP Flaherty-Corsano Duo - The Hated Music (Feeding Tube, 2018) 2LP  ---->  $22

Vinyl reissue of the duo's debut record, originally released on CD by Ecstatic Yod. Recorded June 6, 2000 by Peter Kontrimas. With liners by Byron Coley and NEW cover art for the LP version by Gary Panter. Edition of 500. Comes with download code.
"Rut One"


Cover of The Hated Music CD

Flaherty-Corsano Duo - The Hated Music (Ecstatic Yod, 2001) CD  ---->  $12

Debut CD from the Paul Flaherty-Chris Corsano Duo, released by Ecstatic Yod, the combination of Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace & Byron Coley's Father Yod labels. Recorded June 6, 2000. With cover art by the great Gary Panter and liner notes by Byron Coley.
"Hat City Fire Truck"
"Tom Wilson's Dream"

Cover of Sannyasi CD

Paul Flaherty-Greg Kelley-Chris Corsano - Sannyasi (Wet Paint, 2002) CD  ---->  $12

The second offering from Flaherty & Corsano is a trio disc with Boston-based trumpeter Greg Kelley. Recorded May 27, 2001 and released a year later on Flaherty's own imprint Wet Paint, with Paul's artwork gracing the front cover.
clip from "Wayless Way"

Cover of The Dim Bulb CD

Steve Baczkowski-Chris Corsano-Paul Flaherty - The Dim Bulb (Wet Paint, 2005) CD  ---->  $12

Baritone player Steve Baczkoski hails from Buffalo, rides his bike to gigs with his horn on his back (it's a baritone for Christ's sake!), and wails harder than most sax players either 1/2 or double his age or anywhere in between. This is a live recording of a this trio's first show, May 31st, 2003 at Hallwalls in Buffalo, NY.

Cover of It's Magnificent, But It Isn't War CD

Cold Bleak Heat - It's Magnificent, But It Isn't War (Family Vineyard, 2005) CD  ---->  $12

Flaherty, Corsano, Greg Kelley (trumpet - nmperign, Heathen Shame, BSC) and Matt Heyner (bass -TEST, No Neck Blues Band, Izitiitz). Liner notes by Dredd Foole. Recorded August 24, 2003 at PBS Studios in Westwood, MA.
"Raising The Dead (Freezer Fight)"
"The Blue Dabs Of Varicose Veins"
Cover of Simitu CD Cold Bleak Heat - Simitu (Family Vineyard, 2007) CD  ----> $12

Second Cold Bleak Heat (Flaherty/Corsano/Matt Heyner/Greg Kelley) release. Recorded at the same session as It's Magnificent... (August 24, 2003).
"Pound Cake"
Cover of The Beloved Music CD

Flaherty-Corsano Duo - The Beloved Music (Family Vineyard, 2006) CD  ---->  $12

Recorded live at The Rudyard Kipling, Louisville, Kentucky, on May 4th, 2004 and released 2 years later by Family Vineyard. With liner notes by David Keenan. "Like biting in to the skin of free-creature and having the swarm attack your feeble body." - John Olson.
clip from "The Great Pine Tar Scandal"

Cover of A Rock In the Snow CD Paul Flaherty-Chris Corsano-C. Spencer Yeh - A Rock in the Snow (Important, 2006) CD  ---->  $12

Recorded in Hartford in December 2004 as part of the session with C. Spencer Yeh on violin and vocals that also birthed the Slow Blind Avalanche LP, both on Important Records. Artwork by Spencer, liners by John Olson.


cover Flower-Corsano Duo - The Radiant Mirror (Textile) CD ---> $20

First album by this duo with Michael Flower on Japan banjo, aka shahi baaja--a cross between a dulcimer and drone harp, or a sort of electrified bulbul tarang. Recorded January 21, 2006 in Paris and released by the French label Textile in 2007. Out of print.
Cover of The Four Aims 2LP/CD Flower-Corsano Duo - The Four Aims (VHF, 2009) CD  ---->  $15

Second full-length by this duo of Michael Flower (Japan banjo, tanpura, organ) and Chris Corsano (drums, melodica, cello). Recorded at Mick's house in Leeds, November 2007 plus 1 live track recorded in Cambridge, England on February 14, 2007.
clip of "The Main Ingredient"
Cover of The Chocolate Cities CDR Flower-Corsano Duo - The Chocolate Cities (self-released, 2009) CDR  ----> $8

5 live cuts from Cambridge, UK & Geneva in 2009. Originally available on the Flower-Corsano U.S. Fall tour.
clip of "85% Pure"
"One More Bar for the Road"
Cover of You'll Never Work in This Town Again CDR Flower-Corsano Duo - You'll Never Work in This Town Again (self-released, 2010) CDR  ----> out of print

Material from the October 2009 tour done with the Flower-Corsano mobile multi-track recording unit. Two tracks (17 & 7 minutes long) from Wood St. Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA and one 19-minute track from Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY. 43 minutes total.
clip of "First Strike"
clip of "Second Strike"
clip of "Third Strike"
Cover of You'll Never Work in This Town Again CDR

Flower-Corsano Duo - Syracuse Live (self-released, 2014) CDR ----> $8

Live in Syracuse from the same October 2009 tour as You'll Never Work... Here's some live footage from the concert (different audio than the CDR)

Cover of DVDr

Flower-Corsano Duo - Live at Scheldapen (Taping Policies, 2010) DVDr  ----> $10 (NTSC format. For PAL, contact the label.)

Black and white video of a live performance in Antwerp on Aug. 25, 2009. 40 minutes long.
Cover of The Count Visits LP Flower-Corsano-Hejnowski - The Count Visits (Flowerhouse/Hot Cars Warp, 2011) LP  ---->  $25

Limited edition of 500 vinyl-only co-release on Flowerhouse (M. Flower's label) and Hot Cars Warp Records. Eight-track live recordings. Three of four tracks feature Matt Heyner (aka Count Hejnowski) of No Neck Blues Band, Test, Malkuth, etc. on bass and percussion. The final track is all Flower-Corsano Duo.
3 short excerpts from The Count Visits


McPhee-Corsano - Under a Double Moon LP Joe McPhee-Chris Corsano - Under a Double Moon (Roaratorio, 2011) LP  ---->  $25

Recorded live in Paris in March 2010. Cover artwork by Judith Lindbloom and liner notes by John Szwed. Download coupon included.
clip from In Lieu of Flowers
clip from For Giuseppe Logan
Scraps and Shadows LP Joe McPhee-Chris Corsano - Scraps and Shadows (Roaratorio, 2012) LP  ---->  sorry, sold out of this for now

Second album by the duo, recorded live in Milwaukee in 2011. A followup to Under A Double Moon, which featured McPhee’s alto saxophone, this one finds him largely on tenor. Cover art by Judith Lindbloom. Download coupon included.
Soundcloud clips
History of Nothing

Rodrigo Amado-Joe McPhee-Kent Kessler-Chris Corsano - A History of Nothing (Trost, 2018) CD  ---->  $17

Second release by this quartet (first was 2015's This Is Our Language). Rodrigo Amado-tenor; Joe McPhee - soprano saxophone and pocket trumpet; Kent Kessler - double bass; Chris Corsano - drums. Also released on LP, but the CD has an extra 12-minute track by the trio of Amado-Kessler-Corsano.

"Amado’s quartet is in peak form, exerting another biting album that comprehends both volcanic and ruminative sonic layers. " - Jazz Trail.
"Each musician is constantly working in two directions, stretching further and creating cohesion." -freejazzblog (5 out of 5 stars)


Rangda - False Flag LP/CD Rangda - False Flag (Drag City, 2010)   CD/LP  ---->  no copies left, see Drag City's website

With Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls) and Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) on guitars [and some piano playing by Rick, to boot]. Recorded by Scott Colburn.  
Rangda - Formerly Extinct LP/CD Rangda - Formerly Extinct (Drag City, 2012)   CD/LP  ---->  no copies left, see Drag City's website

Second album by this trio with Rick Bishop and Ben Chasny. Recorded by Jason Meagher in March of 2012.
Dead C/Rangda - Dead C/Rangda - split LP (Ba Da Bing, 2013)   LP only  ---->  $15

Lost Dead C material from the Eusa Kills-era on one side. Rangda's on the flip side with two live, improvised tracks recorded at Russian Recording studios on 9/11/10.  


Vampire Can't CD Vampire Can't - Key Cutter (Load Records, 2006) CD  ---->  $12 / LP ---->  $15
Collaboration between Vampire Belt and Can't (Jessica Rylan) recorded in the spring of 2005. 

clip from "False Teeth"
clip from "No Strings"
clip from "Wax Lips"
Vampire Belt/Magic Markers split 7" Vampire Belt / Magik Markers - split (Not Not Fun, 2008) 7"  ---->  $10

Part of Not Not Fun's Bored Fortress subscription series (year 3, vol. 3). Recorded September 2007, if memory serves correct. 2 Vampire Belt songs on one side ("Apple Cores" & "Big Chief") and one by the Markers on the other ("Tango & Cash"). Limited edition & out of print elsewhere.
Unfit Structures LP Vampire Belt  - Unfit Structures (Hermit Hut, 2015) LP  ---->  $18

"Formed in 2002 in Western Massachusetts, Vampire Belt is Bill Nace (Body / Head, x.o.4, Ceylon Mange) on guitar and electronics and Chris Corsano on drums (and occasionally electronics and/or bass). Early on, they self-released a couple of ultra-limited CDRs of lo-fi blow-outs, something like a mangled car wreck at the intersection of hardcore and free jazz. Tours followed and then, in the early / mid ’00s, Nace and Corsano partially phased out of Vampire Belt duo-mode in favor of collaborations with people like Jessica Rylan, Paul Flaherty, Steve Baczkowski, Okkyung Lee, Greg Kelley, Mats Gustafsson, Thurston Moore, Dredd Foole and Bill Orcutt. But in 2014 they made good on a nine year-old promise to Ben “Six Organs of Admittance” Chasny to record a Vampire Belt album for his label. Unfit Structures, Vampire Belt’s first proper LP, comes via Chasny’s Hermit Hut label and it’s not such a far cry from their obliterating early CDRs: high-energy improvised outbursts with spontaneously structured forms imploding just as soon as they begin to solidify."
"Last of the Hipmen"

Susan Alcorn-Bill Nace-Chris Corsano  - Live at Rotunda  (Open Mouth, 2019) LP  ---->  $30

Numbered edition of 200. Silkscreened covers by Alan Sherry. Personnel: Susan Alcorn - pedal steel; Chris Corsano - drums; Bill Nace - guitar. Recorded September 5. 2018 live at Rotunda Philadelphia, PA.

Mystic Beings LP

Steve Baczkowski-Bill Nace-Chris Corsano  - Mystic Beings  (Open Mouth, 2018) LP  ---->  $20

Edition of 400. Silkscreened cover. Recorded November 2016.
Video of an outtake from the session here

This was/is a label I intermittently operate/d. More or less retired in 1998 after burn-out from a lengthy pressing debacle (the original artwork of the first version of the Diadal etched disc was thrown out by the pressing plant), the hot cars name was hastily dusted off six years later for the first Vampire Belt CDR. Since then, it's mostly been a vanity-press, except for in 2013, when Byron Coley graced the label with his spoken word album, Dating Tips for Touring Bands.

Fake Hand/Ayler's Angels LP Fake Hand/Ayler's Angels - Frozen Hamer/Ancient Axe (hot cars warp records, 1997) LP  ---->  $10

Fake Hand were a no wavish trio who briefly ruled over the Western Massachusetts landscape around 1996. Emily (bass) would go on to be in Wikkid, Touchdown, Skint, etc. Ayler's Angels were Matt and Brain from The Fake Hand on sax and drums playing in a more post-Ornette Coleman mode. They'd later become Army of Ghosts and, after that, A.R.E. Weapons. Released in 1997 in an edition of 500. Corsano appears on one live track on the Ayler's Angels side.

[image coming soon]

13 Gauge/Klatzker-Corsano Duo/Dieter Henkel - 3...2...1...zero (hot cars warp records, 1997) LP  ---->  $10

1997 release, edition of 500. Corsano's first album, more or less. "13 Gauge [Corsano, Aaron Mullan (later of Tall Firs) and George Moore (later of anexplodingstar & Chessie)] dedicate a side of the LP to alto legend Marion Brown and give their rendition of a post-core, Chick Corea-less Afternoon of a Georgia Faun. Their third and final piece is 'Montana Fix', a very loose tribute to mushroom legend John Cage. The Klatzker-Corsano duo (cello and drums, respectively) follow w/ a slightly more melodic, but no less frazzled approach. 13 Gauge-ist Dieter Henkel abandons his main instrument (drums) to jam guitar, trumpet, and twiddled knobs into the works, bringing things to a screeching halt." Individually made covers using either recycled LP jackets or cereal boxes or whatever else would house a record. 
Phil X. Milstein-Thurston Moore Songs We Taught The Lord LP Phil X. Milstein-Thurston Moore - Songs We Taught The Lord Vol. 2 (hot cars warp records, 1997) LP  ---->  $30

Recorded live at the Middle East, Cambridge, MA on December 12, 1996. Thurston Moore (guitar) and Phil Milstein (guitar, tape, saw). Released in 1997 in an edition of 500 with hand-pasted sleeves.
Diadal 2LP Diadal - s/t  (hot cars warp records, 1998) 2LP  ---->  $70 (stickered) / $50 (unstickered)

Released in 1998. Visual artists/musicians Rita Ackermann & Jutta Koether with three members of the No Neck Blues Band on 2 tracks. One LP is all music (and what music it is!), the other is etched  (one by Rita Ackermann, the other by Jutta Koether). Most of the covers were hand-stickered with neon dolphins and the like, though there are some that didn't get "the treatment." Save yourself $20 for the unstickered version. For those who care, it's not silk-screened (as is suggested elsewhere); it's a pantone color (vs. the more common and, unbeknownst to stupid me at the time, cheaper CMYK) print. Pre-Angelblood, pre-Electrophillia.
Byron Coley LP Byron Coley - Dating Tips for Touring Bands (hot cars warp records, 2013) LP ----> $24 (last remaining copies)

Silkscreened cover with artwork by Savage Pencil. "The opening side of the album flows seamlessly through 14 highly digestible tales from the rich and greasy American cultural sub-underground, that spiny and ragged mega-fuckin-saurus he rode as well as anyone for the past few decades....Side B is an 18 minute excerpt from Coley’s new book Dominoes titled, "The Closer." And if you never possessed the fine art of differentiating skunky beer from Miami turtle water and other less-appealing beverages, this is the definitive owner’s manual. At one of his workshops on improvisational drinking not too long ago, where only a bowl of scotch and ice separated us, I was reminded once more that Byron was a man of principle and he had a huge heart. And you can detect that warmth in spades on this album from his eloquent remembrances of Captain Beefheart and Jack Rose." - Alan Bishop



Christine Abdelnour-Chris Corsano  Quand Fond La Neige, Ou va le Blanc? (Relative Pitch, 2019) CD ---->  $13

Duo recording by alto saxophonist Christine Abdelnour and Corsano on drums. Audio clips here.


Rodrigo Amado-Chris Corsano  No Place to Fall  (Astral Spirits, 2019) CD ---->  $13 


Steve Baczkowski-Brandon Lopez-Chris Corsano  Old Smoke  (Relative Pitch, 2019) CD ---->  $13


Ka Baird with Chris Corsano  Kinematics  (Various Artists Records, 2020) Lathe 7inch---->  $20

Edition of 100 hand cut 7 inch mono lathe recording on lacquer with laser etching. Full color archival pigment print sleeve. Here's one of the two tracks: https://youtu.be/1PJJwTegCfM

cover Thurston Moore-John Moloney's Caught On Tape / Alan Bishop-Bill Orcutt-Chris Corsano split LP (Three Lobed, 2015) LP ---->  $18

Single LP from the 5-LP simultaneous-release/split-LP compilation series, Parallelogram, on Three-Lobed. One side is Moore-Moloney doing "Ono Soul." The flip side is Alan Bishop (bass/vocals), Bill Orcutt (guitar/vocals) and Chris Corsano blasting through six freely improvised freak outs and one cover of "Politician." 140g black vinyl. Foldover letterpress “matchbook” cover with letterpress brown paper inner sleeve printed at Dexterity Press.
clips here
Three Lobed's Parallelogram split-LP series. 5LP set  ---->  $100
cover covercovercovercover
5-LP simultaneous-release/compilation of split-LPs. Hiss Golden Messenger b/w Michael Chapman. Six Organs of Admittance b/w William Tyler. Steve Gunn b/w/ Kurt Vile. Bardo Pond b/w Yo La Tengo. Caught on Tape (Thurston Moore & John Moloney) b/w/Alan Bishop-Bill Orcutt-Chris Corsano (BOC).  140g black vinyl. Foldover letterpress “matchbook” cover with letterpress brown paper inner sleeve.
Clandestine Clandestine Quartet - One for the Fossa, Two for the Wolverine   (33 33 Records, 2019) LP  ---->  $25

Alan & Richard Bishop of Sun City Girls plus Michael Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra) and Chris Corsano.
Graduation LP Nels Cline-Chris Corsano-Carlos Giffoni - Graduation (free103point9, 2004) LP  ---->  $18

One side recorded live in Brooklyn, May 2003. The other side is an electronic re-working of side A by Giffoni. Artwork by Mat Brinkman.
cover Chris Corsano-Sylvie Courvoisier-Nate Wooley  -  Salt Task  (Relative Pitch 2017) CD  ---->  $15

Recorded Sept. 2015 at Studio LULU. Courvoisier - piano; Wooley - trumpet; Corsano - drums, recording, mixing & mastering. "The inventive trio wisely plays with textural agitations and composures, arranging them with freedom, responsibility, and an evident musical insight that makes them first-rate avant-gardists." -jazztrail.net
Death Unit - Infinite Death CD Death Unit - Infinite Death (Important) CD  ---->  $10

Second release by Death Unit, after the LP on Hospital Productions. Carlos Giffoni (Monotract) on electronics, Brian Sullivan (Mouthus) on guitar and double drums by Trevor Tremain (Hair Police) and Chris Corsano. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate) with artwork by Dominick Fernow (Prurient). Recorded live on tour in July  2005.
whys of fire cd
Dredd Foole & The Din - The Whys of x (Ecstatic Yod, 2003) CD  ---->  $8

Dredd + Thurston Moore, Pelt & Chris Corsano. Mastered by Jim O'Rourke. Actuel tribute (or rip-off depending on how you look at it) cover. Released in 2003.
Paul Dunmall-Chris Corsano LP/CD Paul Dunmall-Chris Corsano - Identical Sunsets (ESP-Disk', 2010)  CD  ---->  $14  /  LP  ---->  $20

Live recording from Cheltenham, UK in April 2008. Paul Dunmall plays tenor sax and border pipes. 
cover David Greenberger-Glenn Jones-Chris Corsano  -  An Idea in Everything (Pel Pel Recordings)  CD ---->  $15

Greenberger - voice; Jones - guitar, banjo, Corsano: drums, melodica. 28 tracks. Text based on conversations in nursing homes, elderly centers, and meal sites in Boston, Schenectady, New York City, Atlanta, Erie, Martha’s Vineyard, East Los Angeles, and Milwaukee. Recorded by Chris Corsano in Greenwich, NY, February 2013. Mixed by Matthew Azevedo and Glenn Jones. Illustration by Gwénola Carrère.  
Hexane cassette image Icepick - Hexane (Astral Spirits, 2014)  cassette  ---->  $8

Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten (upright bass) & Chris Corsano (drums).  This is the out-of-print first edition (of 100).
Amaranth image Icepick - Amaranth (Astral Spirits, 2016)  LP  ---->  $18

"Icepick is the trio of Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten (double bass) & Chris Corsano (drums). “Amaranth,” the group’s first studio recording, was tracked in a single day in Austin, TX by Ian Rundell (of Ghetto Ghouls), and finds the trio building upon their debut cassette, “Hexane” from 2014. Icepick sculpt pointed & succinct songs out of classic free jazz improvisations.  Wooley, Haker-Flaten & Corsano are all at the top of their game here, sounding incredibly comfortable yet inspired in this trio setting. Many who found the debut release a promising start for this group will not be disappointed with the stronger fidelity and stronger connection between these three players." First edition of 300 LP’s with digital download.
Soundcloud clip
cover Jandek - Bristol Wednesday (Corwood, 2010 & 2011) 2CD  --->  $14   /   DVD --->  $18

Live at The Cube, Bristol, UK on May 17, 2006. Michael Flower on guitar and shahi baaja. Chris Corsano on drums. Third Corwood appearance for Corsano, after Manahattan Tuesday and Brooklyn Wednesday, both recorded in September of 2005.
cover Jandek - London Monday (Corwood 0848, 2021) CD  $10

Live at Cafe OTO. Matt Heyner on bass. Corsano on drums. Recorded June 16, 2008
Pak Yan Lau/Chris Corsano LP Pak Yan Lau-Chris Corsano - Asbestos and Little Rain (Les Albums Claus, 2015) LP  ---->  $12

Recorded November 2013, at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels. Pak Yan Lau on toy pianos, electronics, typatune, etc. Chris Corsano on drums.  Discounted price because my copies crossed the Atlantic Ocean 3 times before reaching me, so the corners of the covers are a little bent/creased.
Clip: soundcloud

Okkyung Lee-Ches Smith-Chris Corsano  -  Libra Rising (no label, 2018)  digital-only release ---->  $8 via bandcamp

Live recording of cello and double drums. This group first played together in December of 2006 at the now-long-defunct Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, NY. This is a recording of their trio set at the recently-relocated Stone in Manhattan in October of 2018. There's video of part of the performance here. Recorded & mixed by Corsano. The bandcamp release (but not the video) benefits from additional mastering work by Lasse Marhaug.


Chris Corsano-Bill Orcutt - Brace Up! (Palilalia, 2018) LP  ---->  $18

Recorded over two days  in Brussels at Les Ateliers Claus. First night was a live show, next day was without an audience. My copies suffered a little bit of rough postal treatment and have a bent corner. Nothing totally terrible, but you might want to get yours elsewhere if you want a pristine copy.
Video from the gig by Jef Mertens (recording by Christophe Albertijn)

cover Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt / Dwarfs of East Agouza - Electric Smog (Unrock, 2019) Split LP  ---->  $22
cover Osorezan - Mimidokodesuka (Drag City, 2008) CD  ---->  $10 (LP still available from Drag City)

Originally issued on PJL in Japan in 2005. Jim O'Rourke, Darin Gray and Chris Corsano.
Parker-Edwards-Corsano LP Evan Parker-John Edwards-Chris Corsano - The Hurrah (Otoroku, 2015) LP  ---->  $25

"The second recorded outing from the universe shifting free jazz trio of Evan Parker, John Edwards and Chris Corsano. This trio have been playing together for 9 years, sometimes expanding into quartets with the like of Noah Howard, John Russell, Joe McPhee, John Coxon & Paul Dunmall. The material on this LP was recorded during a 4 night residency by Corsano at Cafe Oto in August 2014. All material recorded live, no editing or post production. As raw and liberating as it was on the evening."-Otoroku. Limited Edition vinyl in an edition of 500 copies. Art by Dennis Tyfus.
Puke Eaters - Hello Valhalla LP (Skulls of Heaven/Lalalal) The Puke Eaters - Hello Valhalla (Skulls of Heaven/Lalalal, 2009) LP  ---->  $14

Recorded (at least in part) in July 2005 and released in 2009. "For any points of reference think of the swamp into which Fille qui mousse, Cromagnon and 'Jesus Christ' era Smell & Quim were dumped." - Skulls of Heaven. Corsano, er I mean "Kristian Rädiätiön"

Chris Corsano-Massimo Pupillo - Via Combusta (Trost 2016) LP  ---->  $20

Recorded at Vacuum Studio, in Bologna, Italy, in April, 2015, by Bruno Germano.  With electric bassist Massimo Pupillo (Zu, groups with with Brotzmanns [Caspar/Peter], FM Einheit, etc.).

The Veil Is Thin Right Now (excerpt)

Puke Eaters - Hello Valhalla LP (Skulls of Heaven/Lalalal) Mette Rasmussen-Chris Corsano - All The Ghosts at Once (Relative Pitch, 2015) CD  ---->  available from the label

Recorded in Brooklyn, October 2013, by Max Johnson. Alto (prepared and non-prepared) sax and drums.
cover Mette Rasmussen-Chris Corsano - A View of the Moon (from the Sun) (Clean Feed, 2018) CD  ---->  $15

Second album by the sax & drums duo. Recorded in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2015. Arwork by Paul Flaherty.
Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi - Friendly Pants CD Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi - Friendly Pants (Family Vineyard, 2009) CD  ---->  $10

Chikamorachi is Darin Gray (upright bass) and Chris Corsano (drums). Recorded in August 2006 at Magnet Studio, Tokyo. Originally issued on Jim O'Rourke's Japanese imprint, Shakaijin Records.
"Friendly Pants"
And That's The Story of Jazz Akira Sakata & Jim O'Rourke with Chikamorachi - And That's the Story of Jazz (Family Vineyard, 2011) 2CD  ---->  $15

Double CD documentation of 2008 Japanese tour.
Flying Basket Akira Sakata & Jim O'Rourke with Merzbow & Chikamorachi - Flying Basket (Family Vineyard, 2015) CD ----> $12 / LP ---->  see Family Vineyard's website.

Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin December 2014 by Rashad Becker. Two pristine 150 gram LPs pressed by Quality Record Pressing and housed in a popping gatefold jacket designed by the hand/razor of Jeremy Kannapell; CD in a Stoughton tip-on mini-LP sleeve.
Proton pump Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi with Masahiko Satoh - Proton Pump (Family Vineyard, 2018) CD ----> $12 / LP ---->  out of print.

Recorded at Pit Inn, Tokyo in October 2015. LP limited to 500 copies worldwide, includes a full-color inner sleeve and download coupon. CD version comes in a digipak. "Unstoppable momentum." - Downbeat  "NUTS." - Jim O'Rourke
Vampire Belt/Magic Markers split 7" Sunburned Hand of the Man - Rare Wood (Spirit of Orr, 2004) CD  ---->  $12

Recorded at: KDVS in Sacramento, CA June 2003; Vera in Groningen, Netherlands October 2003; Gloucester, MA July 2002. 
cover Paul G. Smyth-Chris Corsano - Psychic Armour (Weekertoft, 2016) CD  ---->  $13

Recorded April 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. CD in cardboard sleeve and 6-panel cardboard cover.
"We're up to our knees in duo and small group improv discs, so it takes something special to stand out. This one's a genuine keeper." -The Wire
"Several moments are reminiscent of the best work from Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley, while still managing to sound like Smyth and Corsano." -Burning Ambulance
SYCH LP/CD SYCH- Lunar Roulette (Strange Attractors Audio House, 2005) LP  ---->  $15  /  CD  ---->  $12

Wally Shoup (alto sax), C. Spencer Yeh (violin, voice), Bill Horist (guitar), Chris Corsano (drums, sax neck). Recorded February, 2010, in Seattle during a live set for KEXP's Sonarchy Radio program. LP is limited to 500 copies and comes with a free download of the album.
clip from Hermetic Mosaic
Unnatural VCO LP Ghédalia Tazartès-Chris Corsano-Dennis Tyfus - Vooruit 17.05.2015 (Ultra Eczema, 2016) LP ----> $30

Live recording from Gent, Belgium. "Four turbulent parts blended across two sides. It is sometimes hard to hear who’s doing what here: vocals and strings, tapes, bells and percussion become an oddball of dust, blown into the narrow streets of improv; none of the ‘free music solo rules’ are obeyed here. Somebody else, living in that same street as it were, mentioned that ”it sounds like a whole village of monks turning against buddhism, trading smiles for grunts”. Ghédalia Tazartès (master of dramatic vocals that travel from Tibet to John Lydon), Chris Corsano (still
the last drummer on earth), and Dennis Tyfus (trying hard to listen, for once) have played together three times and for as long as it will remain a challenge to properly record together, this LP is exactly what it should be."
Limited to 300 copies. Offset printed sleeve with collage art by DT, plus two inserts with liner notes by Byron Coley.
Unnatural VCO LP Vibracathedral Orchestra - Unnatural with Pain Relief (Krayon Recordings, 2015) LP ----> $23

B-side with Chris Corsano, recorded at the 2014 Cafe OTO residency, capturing a segment of their 2-hour long live set. Binaural recording.
SYCH LP/CD Wooley-Yeh-Corsano- Seven Storey Mountain (Important) CD  ---->  $12

Nate Wooley (trumpet and tape), C. Spencer Yeh (violin), Chris Corsano (drums).  Second in Nate's Seven Storey series (first was a trio with Paul Lytton and David Grubbs). Says Tiny Mix Tapes: "There really isn’t any fair comparison of this material to the previous version. Rather, two reiterations on disc of this piece make for valuable listening and show that “noise,” in the purview of three multi-talented musician-composers, can make for an extremely rewarding experience."
From Wolves to Whales CD Nate Wooley-Dave Rempis-Pascal Niggenkemper-Chris Corsano - From Wolves to Whales (Aerophonic, 2014) CD  ---->  $12

Trumpet/sax/bass/drums studio recording.
From Wolves to Whales CD From Wolves to Whales (Nate Wooley-Dave Rempis-Pascal Niggenkemper-Chris Corsano) - Strandwal  (Aerophonic Records, 2019) 2CD  ---->  $15

Double CD, live concert recording from Haarlem.
From Wolves to Whales LP From Wolves to Whales (Nate Wooley-Dave Rempis-Pascal Niggenkemper-Chris Corsano) - Dead Leaves Drop  (Dropa Disc, 2019) LP  ---->  $12

Live in Antwerp. Edition of 300. Reduced price: the jackets were damaged slightly in shipping, so there is a split in the seam of the LP's cover. 
Purple Patio LP cover Nate Wooley-Hugo Antunes-Jorge Queijo-Mario Costa-Chris Corsano - Purple Patio (No Busin5ess, 2016) LP  ---->  $20

Trumpet and bass and triple drums. Studio recording.


Just Drums 2CD Various Artists - Just Drums (Fever Pitch) 2CD  ---->  $5

Double CD drum-only comp. My track on it is nothing special, to be honest. How's that for salesmanship? Recorded around Feb. 2004, it's about 2 years before The Young Cricketer and is my first attempt at recording solo drums. Also on this record: Michael Evans, Sean Meehan, William Winant, Christine Bard, Jeph Jerman, Gino Robair, Jeff Arnal + Ben Hall, Karen Stackpole, Kevin Shea + Ravish Momin, Billy Martin and others.


Jailbreak - The Rocker LP Jailbreak - The Rocker (Family Vineyard) LP  ---->  available from Family Vineyard
Recorded in November 2008 in Glasgow. Heather Leigh - pedal steel, vocals; Corsano - drums. Vinyl-only edition of 700. "The Rocker is a blast-furnace of blisteringly joyous witch-howling assaults on the essence of whips and chains and repressive injustice gone legal." - Paul Flaherty
Osorezan LP Osorezan - Mimidokodesuka (Drag City) LP  ----> available from Drag City
Originally issued on PJL in Japan in 2005. Jim O'Rourke, Darin Gray, Chris Corsano.

Live at Hungry Brain LP Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi - Live at Hungry Brain (Family Vineyard) LP  ---->  available from Family Vineyard
Follow up to the Friendly Pants CD from 2009. Sakata's on alto, clarinet, vocals. Recorded by David Zuchowski at The Hungry Brain in Chicago, Nov. 8, 2009 during the 4th annual Umbrella Music Festival. Cover art by Japanese illustrator More Rock All Art. Edition of 700 copies. Contains download code.

Cover of Last Eyes LP Flaherty-Corsano Duo - Last Eyes (Records) LP  ---->  sold out

4 years after the The Hated Music, the Flaherty-Corsano Duo makes another appearance on record, this time a vinyl full length of all-alto & drums material. Recorded January 11, 2004 at WMBR in Cambridge, MA. Released by Records in conjunction with it's tenor-heavy sister record, Steel Sleet on the Tyyfus label.
Cover of Steel Sleet LP Flaherty-Corsano Duo - Steel Sleet (Tyyfus) LP  ---->  sold out

Issued by the Finnish label Tyyfus (their 2nd release). Steel Sleet is the all-tenor (minus a little bit of alto mouth-piece on one track) corollary to the strictly-alto Last Eyes LP. Also recorded January 11, 2004 at WMBR in Cambridge, MA.
Cover of Dream/Aktion Unit Dream/Aktion Unit Blood Shadow Rampage (Volcanic Tongue) CD  ----> sold out

First and only release by the Dream/Aktion Unit. This line-up features Thurston Moore, Count Hejnowski, Heather Leigh Murray, Flaherty and Corsano. Recorded live at Le Weekend, May 2005. Artwork by the great Karen Constance.
Noise Hello Kitty Picture Disk Kim Gordon - Noise Hello Kitty  picture disc  ---->  sold out

A limited edition picture disc Kim Gordon created for a Tokyo gallery show where artists created works to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Hello Kitty. Coco + Thurston Moore on "Hello Kitty is Back!"; Kim Gordon solo on "Noise Hello Kitty"; Gordon + Corsano on "I Want One". Last two tracks are labeled incorrectly on the record. One went for $200 on ebay a few years back, shining a light on the dark part of the internet where Hello Kitty and Sonic Youth completists meet.
Live at Flywheel CDR Chris Corsano-Mike Shiflet-C. Spencer Yeh - Live @ Flywheel (DroneDisco) CDR  ---->  sold out

Handpainted & numbered edition of 60. Recorded, as the title suggests, Live at Flywheel on November 20th, 2003 with an extra 17 minutes of Shiflet-remix.
Creek to Creation LP Matt Valentine - Creek to Creation LP (Qbico)LP  ---->  sold out

Recorded in MV Spectrasound, Winter 2004 at Maximum Arousal Farm, Guilford, VT. With Erika Elder, Dredd Foole. Corsano's on a track or 2. Pressed on clear "algae" vinyl with white and blue "effects."
Music for Plants 2CD Various Artists - Music For Plants (PerfectIfOn) 2CD  ---->  sold out

Double CD comp based around Peter Coffin's band-playing-in-a-greenhouse-in-a-gallery exhibit at Andrew Kreps Gallery, NYC in 2002. Some tracks recorded live at the performances, others (such as the Tim Barnes-Chris Corsano-Sean Meehan-Barry Weisblat-Michael Evans 13-minute track that I'm on) were recorded after the exhibit specifically for the comp. Some other bands include: Mice Parade, Tetsuo Inoue & seed, No Neck Blues Band, HiM, Deaken and Geologist, Ariel Pink, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Zs, John Wiese & Tim Koh, Kites, Jutta Koether-Alan Licht-Tom Verlaine, Arto Lindsay, Black Dice and Christian Marclay. 
John Edwards and Chris Corsano Tsktsking LP John Edwards-Chris Corsano - Tsktsking (Dancing Wayang) LP  ---->  sold out

Recorded in December 2008 at Eastcote Studios, London.  Limited to 500 copies it comes housed in hand screenprinted wrap-around sleeves. Insert with liner notes by Evan Parker. Upright bass and drum duos.



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