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Upcoming Shows

Steve Baczkowski-Bill Nace-Chris Corsano - Aug 3 at Heldeberg House in Albany, NY. With Jake Meginsky, Rambutan, Burnt Hills.
Andrea Parkins-Chris Corsano Duo - Aug 4 at Quinn's in Beacon, NY.
Linda Aubry Bullock-Mike Bullock's Lanalog - Aug 8 at Wave Farm in Acra, NY. 5662 Route 23. 6-hour performance starting at 4pm.
Chris Corsano solo - Aug 10 at 65fen in Brooklyn, NY.
Nate Wooley-Sylvie Courvoisier-Chris Corsano - Sep 8 at Ibeam in Brooklyn, NY.
Chris Corsano solo - Sep 17 at Luggage Store Creative Music Series at 509 Cultural Gallery in San Francisco, CA. 509 Ellis St. 8pm. With Zachary Mariano, Sleets.
Jessica Rylan-Chris Corsano - Sep 19 at Life Changing Ministry in Oakland, CA. With Bill Orcutt, Voicehandler, SL Morse.
Okkyung Lee-Bill Orcutt-Chris Corsano - Sep 20 at The Lab in San Francisco, CA. 2948 16th St. 8pm.

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