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Upcoming Shows

Chris Corsano solo - Sep 24 at Rhizome in Washington DC. 7pm. With Peter Redgrave-Khristian Weeks, Sarah Hughes-Nate Scheible-Layne Garrett.
Chris Corsano solo - Sep 25 at Art Rat Studios in Roanoke, VA. Doors 7pm, 8pm showtime. With Tater Fraterabo, Germplasm.
Tashi Dorji-Chris Corsano - Sep 26 at Static Age in Asheville, NC. 8pm. With Wind Cults, Yes Selma.
Chris Corsano solo - Sep 27 at CMFA in Columbia, SC.
Chris Corsano solo - Sep 28 at Gallery 992 in Atlanta, GA. With 507, Mute Sphere, Moth Sweat, Majid Araim.
Bill Orcutt-Chris Corsano - Sep 30 at Goner Fest in Memphis, TN. With The Mummies, Marked Men, Poison Ruin, Lewsberg, Cool Jerks, Dippers, The Smog, Trampoline Team.
Chris Corsano solo / duo with Alan Zignoto - Oct 1 Global Education Center in Nashville, TN.
Chris Corsano solo - Oct 2 Whirling Tiger in Louisville, KY. With Baba Commandant and the Mandingo Band, Equipment Pointed Ankh.
Chris Corsano solo - Oct 3 Institute 193 in Lexington, KY.
Chris Corsano solo - Oct 4 The Comet in Cincinnati, OH. With Pete Fosco-Andrew Elaban, Fritz Pape.
Chris Corsano solo / duo with Dana Jessen - Oct 5 Waterloo Arts in Cleveland, OH.
Anna Oxygen-Chris Corsano - Oct 11 Angry Mom in Ithaca, NY. With mssv, Brian!
Jen Gelineau-Chris Corsano - Oct 15 at The Clark in Williamstown, MA. With Marie Carroll-Rebecca Schrader.
Sunburned Hand of the Man - Oct 17 at Hutghi's in Westfield, MA. With Chris Forsyth.
Maria Valencia-Nate Wooley-Matt Moran-Chris Corsano - Oct 22 at P.I.T. in Brooklyn, NY.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Oct 25 at Sundown in Queens, NY. With Sally Gates-Trevor Dunn-Greg Fox, Antinomie.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Oct 26 at Bantha Tea Bar in Pittsburgh, PA.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Oct 27 at Trinosophes in Detroit, MI. With XV, Emily Robb.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Oct 28 at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee, WI.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Oct 29 at The Hideout in Chicago, IL.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Oct 31 at Blue Stem in Madison, WI.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Nov 1 at FEaST at The James Theater in Iowa City, IA. With Claire Rousay.
Rodrigo Ambriz-Gibrán Andrade-Chris Corsano - Nov 3 at 316 Centro in Mexico City, Mexico.
Chris Corsano solo - Nov 4 at Galeria Sepia in Guadalajara, Mexico. With Nada Suena Mal, Androide,
Itzam Cano-Juan Castañoacute;n-Chris Corsano - Nov 6 at Foro El Embarcadero / Estancias Sonoras in Guadalajara, Mexico. With Gibran Andrade-Pilla Reyes-Arturo Ortega.
Chris Corsano solo - Nov 8 at Niño Caído in Guanajuato, Mexico. With Androide, Violencia Domestica, Vanta Black.
Mabe Fratti-Don Malfon-Chris Corsano - Nov 9 at Centro Multimedia del CNA in Mexico City, Mexico. With Androide.
A.H. Fork-Chris Corsano - Nov 10 at h3ar sessions in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. With Nada Suena Mal, Fear of the Object, Androide.
German Bringas-Arturo Baez-Chris Corsano, Maria Lipkau-Andres Motta-Chris Corsano, Hector Tosta-Chris Corsano - Nov 12 at 77 Centro Cultural Autogestivo in Mexico City, Mexico.
Chris Corsano solo - Nov 15 at State Street Pub in Indianapolis, IN. With Rob Funkhauser, Guitars of the Middle Western United States of America.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Nov 16 at The Foundry Theater in Yellow Springs, OH. With Evan Miller.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Nov 17 at Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, OH.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Nov 18 at Secret Planet series at 3 Dots Downtown in State College, PA. With Open Music.
Zoh Amba-Chris Corsano - Nov 19 at Holyoke Media in Holyoke, MA.
Greg Kelley-Nate McBride-Chris Corsano / Chris Corsano solo - Nov 21 at The Lilypad in Cambridge, MA.
Nate Wooley-Chris Corsano - Nov 27 at Sisters in Brooklyn, NY. With Cecilia Lopez.
Chris Corsano-Laura Cocks-Madison Greenstone-Wendy Eisenberg - Nov 27 at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY. With Warp Duo, Selendis Sebastian Alexander Johnson.
Chris Corsano solo - Dec 7 at Robinwood Concerthouse in Toledo, OH.
Mabel Kwan-Chris Corsano - Dec 8 at Catalytic Sound Festival at Elastic Arts in Chicago, IL. With Erez Dessel Group, Edward Wilkerson Jr.-Joe Morris.
Damon Locks-Chris Corsano - Dec 9 at Catalytic Sound Festival at Elastic Arts in Chicago, IL. With Ben Hall Group, Kim Alpert-Dorothy Carlos-Kaleigh Wilder.
Joe McPhee-Chris Corsano Duo - Dec 10 at Catalytic Sound Festival at Hungry Brain at Hungry Brain in Chicago, IL. With Dave Rempis Group, Sarah Clausen Trio.
Chris Corsano solo - Dec 11 at The Sinkhole in St. Louis, MO. 7:30pm doors, 8pm show. All ages. With Cellular Chaos, What We Won't See.
Chris Corsano solo - Dec 16 at Yucca Valley Material Lab in Yucca Valley CA.
Carlos Giffoni-Chris Corsano - Dec 17 at 2220 Arts in Los Angeles, CA. With Stephen O'Malley-Francois Bonnet, Ben Vida.

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