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Sept 18th - Merzbow + Akira Sakata + Jim O'Rourke + Darin Gray + Chris Corsano - 'Flying Basket' CD/double LP on Family Vineyard. Copies available through come early November.

Upcoming Shows

Flaherty-Corsano Duo - 5-May at Flywheel in Easthampton, MA. 8pm. With Dredd Foole-Ben Chasny.
Okkyung Lee-Chris Corsano Duo - 13-May at The Stone in NYC. 10pm.
Flaherty-Corsano Duo - 10-Jun at Sharon Arts Center/The Thing in the Spring in Peterborough, NH. 5pm, free, all ages. With Dredd Foole-Ben Chasny.
Chris Corsano solo - 23-Jun at in Portland, OR.
Chris Corsano solo - 24-Jun at Cairo in Seattle, WA.
Evan Parker-Chris Corsano Duo - 25-Jun at in Vancouver, Canada.
Chris Corsano solo / Duo with Darren Williams - 27-Jun at in Kelowna, Canada. 8pm.
Rangda - 8-Jul at
Rangda - 9-Jul at
Rangda - 10-Jul at
Rangda - 11-Jul at Cafe Oto in London, England. With Sir Richard Bishop.
Rangda - 12-Jul at Cafe Oto in London, England. With Ben Chasny.
Rangda / Áine O'Dwyer-Chris Corsano Duo - 13-Jul at Cafe Oto in London, England.
Rangda - 14-Jul at Summerhall/The Dissection Room in Edinburgh, Scotland. 7:30pm. With solo sets by all three Rangda members.
Rangda - 15-Jul at The Sage in Gateshead, England. 8pm.
Rangda - 16-Jul at
Rangda - 17-Jul at
Rangda - 18-Jul at           More dates to be announced soon!
Rangda - 19-Jul at
Rangda - 20-Jul at
Rangda - 21-Jul at
Rangda - 22-Jul at

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