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Upcoming Shows

Ken Vandermark-Sylvie Courvoisier-Chris Corsano - Nov 26 at Festival del Bosque Germinal in Mexico City, Mexico.
Bill Orcutt-Chris Corsano - Nov 29 at Festival del Bosque Germinal in Mexico City, Mexico.
Andrew Lampert-Chris Corsano - Dec 5 at Visual Arts Center in Austin, TX. 7-9pm. Free.
Chris Corsano solo - Dec 6 at The Compound in San Antonio, TX. 8pm doors, music starts at 9pm. 1145 S. St. Mary's St. With Cactus Truck, Marcus Rubio, Dane Rousay-Eric Sandoval Duo.
Chris Corsano solo - Dec 7 at to be confirmed
Andrew Lampert-Chris Corsano - Dec 8 at Aurora Picture Show in Houston, TX. 7pm. Aurora Members Free (with RSVP), Non-members $10.
Chris Corsano solo - Dec 9 at Black Lodge in Dallas, TX.
Chris Corsano-Ava Mendoza-Donald Miller-John Dikeman-Onno Govaert-Rob Cambre-Fpoon - Dec 10 at Gasa Gasa in New Orleans, LA. 9pm, $10. With various duos, trios, etc.
Chris Corsano-Donald Miller-Rob Cambre - Dec 11 at Saturn Bar in New Orleans, LA. 3067 St. Claude Ave.
??? - Dec 12 tba in New Orleans, LA.
Rangda - Jan 9 tba in Brooklyn, NY.
Rangda - Jan 10 tba in Florence, MA.
Chris Corsano solo - Feb 21 at tba in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

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